no guy is worth crying for,


and show him that you can do better .♥

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Lupe Fiasco

“Till I Get There”


I’mma keep it cool, and I’mma do me
It is what it is and that’s how it’s gon’ be
Until I get there
Until I get there
And yeah I got flaws, I know I’m not perfect
But all the ups and downs, will soon be worth it
When I get there
When I get there

Lupe Fiasco

oh no…

oh no…

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I love how much of a romantic she is.


I love how much of a romantic she is.

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you can fall in love in an instant, its letting go that takes time.

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day 2- the person you’ve been through the most with

definitely Leon! :)


heading off to training for the day! :) love you guys! bye!


“Warning Sign”


Coldplay - Warning Sign

I’ve gotta tell you in my loudest tones,
That I started looking for a warning sign.

When the truth is, 
I miss you.
Yeah the truth is, 
That I miss you so.

i love coldplay!

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Day 1: Have you ever ignored someone you loved?

And did they notice?

Yuffie says: Yes, I’ve had to :( It sucked! They did notice and they were sad…so I stopped! And now we’re okayish, I guess…:)